Whiskers on Wednesday #4


Spotlight on…


Darcy's Precious

Look at that sweet face!  🙂  Precious is the proud owner of her human, Darcy aka Knotty Knitter. Here’s a snippet from Darcy’s blog about Precious:

When my daughter Alora was a baby we bought a kitten we named her precious her dad is Hymalian and her mother is Persian she took after her dad.She is a sweet cat and she loves our toddlers and is very affectionate and playful but she wasnt amused with having to pose for a picture in the hat.Precious doesnt try to play with my knitting she knows mommy loves her yarn and plays with Alora and Athena and their toys instead;)

Darcy's Precious

Darcy, it looks like Precious is contemplating some serious kitty revenge over that hat!  LOL

Who will the Spotlight be on next week?  It could be you!  🙂


10 Responses to “Whiskers on Wednesday #4”

  1. KSee Says:

    LOL, one day I might try having one of my kitties model. In my dreams!

  2. Gandalf & Grayson Says:

    I doubt you’d ever get us to wear a hat!

  3. Crazy For Yarn In Alabama Says:

    Awwww……couldn’t have named her better myself…she truly is Precious!!!

  4. Bubblesknits Says:

    I love the look on her face in the hat picture!

  5. mari Says:

    She’s not looking too happy. 🙂
    Very cute.

  6. Nancy Says:

    Oh, I can see some serious homicidal thoughts going on there! Beautiful cat is Precious!

  7. Tuppence Says:

    Precious is beautiful even when she’s disgusted.

  8. Anita Says:

    Now that is some “look”! LOL

  9. monnibo Says:

    Precious is absolutely hilarious! I just want to SNUGGLE her!!!

  10. Darcy Watts Says:

    Thankyou for letting precious be in the spotlight I showed knakedknitter/hubby he laughed he thinks we are all crazy.lol
    the fact that she sat there for me to put the hat on her and take the picture is a testament to her good nature although I woke her up from a nap so she was a little grumpy:)Hugs Darcy

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