Spotlight on…


Wikipedia, Zander, and Alex! They even have their own blog, The Catmosphere! How cool!

Here’s a few pictures of these techno-savvy cats:

Zander…enjoys his naps in luxury: propped up on a pillow in front of a fan. According to his Mom, Paula, this is how he prefers to sleep while competing in the Marathon Napping Contest. Looks pretty comfy to me! 🙂


Wikipedia…her goal? To become an evil genius and take over the world! This must be something with “tuxies”, because Fluffy seems to have the same plans. 😉 According to Wikipedia, she shares all her ideas with their “Woofie”. Mental note: Schedule interrogation for dog. lol


Alex…carefully eavesdrops on Wikipedia’s evil plans while pretending to nap on top of the bookcase. Belongs to an organization called “House Panthers“. Hrm…kitteh version of FBI? I have my suspicions. 😉


Drop by The Catmosphere to read more about these frisky felines! Oh, and don’t forget to sign the Mister Linky before you go! Happy Whiskers on Wednesday! 🙂


9 Responses to “Spotlight on…”

  1. KSee Says:

    my guys are looking at me now and pleading for their own blog. Not untill they learn to type will they have their own. Besides, guys, you have about taken over my kntting blog LOL

    Going over to check out more entries at

  2. Anita Says:

    What cutie pies! And love the write up! SNOL!!

  3. Susan (A Happy Heart at Home) Says:

    Alex looks like he has that ‘brownish in the sun’ fur like our cats do! I’ve posted my ‘Whiskers on Wednesday.’


  4. Crazy For Yarn In Alabama Says:

    What GREAT kitties!!!!

  5. Paula, Alex, Zander, and Wikipedia Says:

    Wow what a great surprise!
    We love the write up!
    Thank you so much!

    The cats have been having fun this week with their blogging.

  6. Nancy Says:

    What cool kitties! Love the bio. Zander has some competition in the napping marathon: Reggae says, as he licks his paw, “Blogging? No time for that, I have too much napping to do!”

  7. StarSpry Says:

    I love how Zander sleeps 😀

  8. Gandalf & Grayson Says:

    We wanted to give you a great big Thank You for our Prizes, especially our Boogie Mat!! Our WoW is posted for this week… are you guys still playing?

  9. mari Says:

    Kitties! So cute. 🙂

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