Spotlight on…


Jack & Jill!

Jack & Jill

Aren’t they cute? If only I could get my cats to sit pretty like that…without trying to play “king of the mountain”. lol Here’s a tidbit from Georgi’s blog about how Jack & Jill went up the hill to live with her. (sorry…couldn’t resist) :-p

This is Jack and Jill, the brother and sister I adopted about 5 years ago from the vets office. Someone had dropped them off on the doorstep of the office, so they took them in and cleaned them up and found someone (me) who likes cats to adopt them. The do not look anything alike to me but they are fun and cuddly and lovable. Jill (the almost solid gray) likes to play with stuffed animals when the dogs leave them; she cuddles them and rubs up against them. Jack is a lover, and he likes to lay on me for pets and loves, even though he weighs almost 20 lbs, he does not realize it and loves to walk on my side, poking his toes into the few places where there are bones on my body. When Jack wants attention and everyone is busy, he will lay spread eagled on the floor, waiting for one of us to notice him.

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday, Jack & Jill! Don’t forget to sign the Mister Linky before you go! 🙂

7 Responses to “Spotlight on…”

  1. Paula and the kitties Says:

    Oh they are really beautiful kitties! How did you get them to pose so nice for the camera togeather?
    My Alex cat is about 15 lbs and he too likes to spral all out in the middle of the floor so we almost kill ourselves trying to get around him.

  2. Susan (A Happy Heart at Home) Says:

    Very pretty cats! Our cats do some of those things. They’re so funny!


  3. monnibo Says:

    Aw … 20 lbs! WOW…. my heaviest cat was 16 lbs…. eeps!

  4. Nancy Says:

    I think they look alike, their faces/eyes do. 🙂 Cute kitties! Great photo, how nice of them to pose for you!

  5. StarSpry Says:

    They are so cute! And I love how they both have the same expression 😀

  6. Carolyn Says:

    They look so much alike! Great pose!! Love their names! 😀

  7. Darcy Watts Says:

    There so cute:)Hugs Darcy

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