Whiskers on Wednesday…


Want to buy your furry friend something special?  How about looking on Etsy!  Etsy is a great place to find home-made cat toys…

Look at these cute little “Smurglebags”

Or Crafty Cat Lady’s hand-knit, catnip mice…

Beautiful crocheted cat beds

Want to support a great cause while you shop?  Check out the Animal Rescue Site store!  Every purchase you make funds food and care for unwanted animals.

Happy Whiskers On Wednesday!


5 Responses to “Whiskers on Wednesday…”

  1. Susan (A Happy Heart at Home) Says:

    Thanks for the links! I posted my WoW.


  2. Susan (A Happy Heart at Home) Says:

    P.S. Beautiful cat in your header picture!


  3. StarSpry Says:

    Thanks for the links 😀

  4. Nancy Says:

    oh, more shopping, just what Reggae needs, MORE toys not to play with. 🙂
    I forgot to post my WOW last night. Well, acutally I remembered as I was heading to bed at midnight. I’ll try to remember tonite, I took some good pics of Reggae on Saturday too.

  5. Darcy Watts Says:

    I love etsy and cute mousies.

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