Charlie & Kennedy


Terrie (aka Starspry) has had Charlie for 10 years… since she was a little kitten.

Nowadays, Charlie loves bags and yarn (with wool)… in fact, StarSpry has to hide her knitting stuff in the closet because this happens when she doesn’t:

Take a look at this video of Charlie and the wool!

Mmm Yarn…

Kennedy is more of a lounger, but is also impartial to bags:

Fortunately, the cats are good friends!

Are you playing this week? Sign the Mister Linky to join in the WoW fun!


4 Responses to “Charlie & Kennedy”

  1. Whiskers on Wednesday « StarSpry Says:

    […] & Kennedy are featured on Whiskers on Wednesday […]

  2. StarSpry Says:

    Thanks for featuring my babies this week! πŸ™‚

  3. Crazy For Yarn In Alabama Says:

    Looks like Charlie and Kennedy both have good taste!!!!!

  4. Nancy Says:

    I forgot WoW this week 😦 I was mixed up with Monday as holiday. Charlie and Kennedy are very cute!

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