Spotlight On…


Smudge & Sweet Pea!  Carolyn from Reading By The Seashore is the proud caretaker of these two adorable kitties.

I just fell in love with this picture of Smudge from Carolyn’s last WoW post.

Smudge & Sweet Pea WoW

It just makes me smile every time I look at it! 🙂 Smudge weighs in at a whopping 21 pounds and is more than 3 feet long when fully stretched out. I just thought my cat, Puss, was big! lol Carolyn says that he actually got his name because he started out so small…just a little smudge of a thing. 😉

Next up, we have Sweet Pea. Look at that beautiful profile!

Smudge & Sweet Pea WoW

Sweet Pea loves to lie about in windows and watch for birds and ducks (and even the occasional snake). Here’s another pic of this totally relaxed kitty…

Smudge & Sweet Pea WoW

Hope everyone has a great Whiskers on Wednesday!

4 Responses to “Spotlight On…”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Oh, so cute! That pic is funny, and makes Smudge look bigger than he is I think. Reggae is in competition for the fat cat award, I think he’s over 16lbs. That’s way too fat for an Aby! Sweet Pea looks quite comfy in her sunbathing position watching the wild life!

  2. StarSpry Says:

    They are both so cute! I love that 1st picture of Smudge…and how he got his name 🙂

  3. Crazy For Yarn In Alabama Says:

    These are ALL such great pics!!! Love that Smudge!! LOL!!!

  4. Monica Says:

    That is a FAB photo of Smudge. Sweet Pea’s colours are amazing!

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