Spotlight On…


Meet Joey!

Joey is the proud owner of her human, Mari, from Mariknits.

Joey loves watching the Tour de France and taking naps.  Doesn’t she look comfortable?

Joey is also an accomplished artist.  Here she is with her latest work…”Shredded”.

To check out Mari’s other posts about Joey, visit  🙂

Happy Whiskers On Wednesday!

Don’t forget to sign the Mister Linky before you go!  This helps everyone see who’s played today and makes it easier for them to find your WoW post.  🙂

ETA:  Mister Linky decided to do his amazing disappearing act again.  It seems the server is down for their site, so just leave a comment this week instead of signing the Mister Linky.  Thanks and sorry for the confusion!

ETA #2:  I saved the edit above and went back to check the post and *POOF!*, Mister Linky was back.  Gah.


3 Responses to “Spotlight On…”

  1. Crazy For Yarn In Alabama Says:

    Wow…….that shredding thing is pretty impressive!!

    Love the lap pose!!

  2. StarSpry Says:

    Joey is adorable! She’s quite the artist 😀

  3. mari Says:

    Thanks for the spotlight! Joey is going to get quite the big head now. 🙂
    My WOW post should be on the way soon. I missed last weeks. OOps.

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