Mary’s Little Angel Electra


I saw this post by Mary (of Mary’s Little Craft Corner) and I couldn’t resist sharing! Lastlast Monday (September 15) would have been her cat Electra’s birthday.

Electra loved to lay in things… such as:

The baby’s car seat…

On top of the toilet seat on the fuzzy thing (always when you needed to go badly I’m sure)

In baskets… cuddling with her sister Dyna…

And always on the afghan on top of Mary when she was trying to crochet!

Thank you for sharing a beautiful post Mary. Your Electra is truly missed.

Hope this makes everyone think about the lovely pets that have brightened their lives — whether gone, or still kicking — and let us know if you’re playing along for Whiskers on Wednesday.


2 Responses to “Mary’s Little Angel Electra”

  1. Paula Says:

    Oh what a sweet kitty!
    I know you will miss her.

    I love the one of Electra on the toliet fuzzy seat!
    My kitties are always napping in the bathroom sink!

  2. StarSpry Says:

    What a sweet post! She was an adorable kitty.

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