Halloween Heads Up


I CHALLENGE YOU… To do something “halloweeny” with your feline controller friend.

This coming Wednesday (October 29th) will be veeery close to that spooky, black-cat friendly holiday called Halloween! Here are some ideas (thanks to Google):

Carve your cat (portrait style, not carnivore style)

Scare the sh*t outta your cat

Classic Halloween Cat photo…

Or costume the cat:

Get creative! We’ll have a prize! I’ll custom-knit you/your cat a Snake Toy!!


6 Responses to “Halloween Heads Up”

  1. sharon Says:

    omg that last one is so cute!

  2. Whisker’s on Wednesday « InsanKnitty Says:

    […] Sparky puts up with a lot… visiting cats of our in-laws, children chasing him to pet him, and my dear husband who insists on ‘forcing’ the cat to be pet even when he doesn’t want to…  He’s an indoor-outdoor kitty, who spends a good deal more time IN during the colder months than out…  It’s during this time that he snuggles up on MY side of the bed (I do feed him, and DO NOT force him to be held, pet, or antagonized) and warms my too often cold tootsies… though last night he decided to snub me… and I can’t fathom why (snigger)… I’m sure it had NOTHING to do with trying to get an appropriate Halloween picture for the Whisker’s on Wednesday contest… […]

  3. insanknitty Says:

    too dang cute.. I’m in!

  4. WoW Witch hat (aka Webkinz hat) « InsanKnitty Says:

    […] Witch hat (aka Webkinz hat) I knit this cute witch hat up for the Whisker’s on Wednesday Halloween edition… Sparky balked at ‘wearing’ it for a photo… but I finally managed […]

  5. CTJen Says:

    OMG! I love Hello Kitty Kitteh!!

  6. Isabella Rossellini Says:

    Love Love Love this selection….the charlot assed cat? Brilliant, poor guy!!

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