First off, thanks to everyone that participated in the Halloween contest!  Monica and I had a lot of fun looking at the entries.  🙂  Some cats were not happy, some cats were naturally costumed, and some cats just refused to appreciate the hard work their humans put into their costumes.

So, the winners of the WoW Halloween contest are:

1st Place goes to Jen and Doozer.  (Doozer, you have our sympathies.  😉  Maybe a hand knit Snakey will help ease the memories.)  Congratulations!

Runner Up goes to Terrie, Countess Kennula, and Charlie (Countess Kennula’s latest victim) .  Maybe the Countess will share her Snakey.  lol

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and we’ll get the Snakeys in the mail as soon as they come off the needles!

4 Responses to “Hallowinners”

  1. StarSpry Says:

    Wow, thanks! I’m sure both kitties will love Snakey 🙂

    Congratulations Jen and Doozer! At least the costume got you a new toy 😀

  2. monnibo Says:

    Again, thank you EVERYONE who entered! It was great to have you along for the ride, especially on such short notice. Happy Halloween?

  3. CTJen Says:


  4. mari Says:

    Fun! I loved seeing all the halloween decked out kitties. 🙂

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