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Yup, that has to be one of the cutest pictures I’ve seen yet.  🙂   We asked Jen to tell us a little bit more about Doozer and how he came to join her family.

We got Doozer when he was 10 weeks old from a local rescue group. He was born in a snowbank on February 19th, 2007, just a few days after a Valentine’s Day Nor’easter buried Connecticut in close to three feet of snow. Lucky for him, his mother, and his litter mates, a good Samaritan scooped them all up and brought them home. He was the last of the lot to be adopted, and we are so happy he was destined for our family. Not everyone appreciates hand knits (my own children, e.g.) but one of the things I love most about Doozer is that he always seems to love the things I knit for him. I’ve made him toys he happily plays with and a kitty bed where he sleeps cheerfully every day.

Sounds like a match made in Heaven to me.  🙂  To read more about Doozer, you can visit Jen’s blog, here.

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!


7 Responses to “Spotlight On…”

  1. Bubblesknits Says:

    Oh, and is that a Dr. Who scarf that Doozer is laying on?

  2. crazy for yarn in alabama Says:

    Awww… such a cutie and such a lucky kitty!!!!

  3. Monica Says:

    I was gonna say the same thing! SUCH a cute photo… and I wish Doozer was the next Doctor!

  4. whitney Says:

    That picture is adorable!

  5. splnotebook Says:

    Boy, he looks comfortable!!

  6. mari Says:

    Doozer is adorable.

  7. CTJen Says:

    thanks everyone! Yeah, that is a 4th Doctor’s scarf. I’m not kidding when I say that Doozer loves hand knits. 🙂

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