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Here’s what Robin wrote about her silly boy:

Sometimes our fur babies just find us…
I didn’t want a male cat nor did I want a black & white cat…they both have a bad reputation~but this one sought me out!
Ace came to live with us when he was only 3 days old (approximately)…you see he was born inside a spare parts car we had during our racing years (NASCAR circuit).  I found him along with his brother & sister who sadly didn’t make it no momma was to be found.  He was completely bottle fed and slept on a hot water bottle.  At the time I had a Weimeraner who had just weened puppies months before…she took over the “motherly duties” (making him go to the bathroom) while I did all the feeding. That was almost 16 1/2 years ago!
If you’ve read my blog you know all about Ace’s quirky habit, and the problems it causes!  I hope this blog isn’t rated PG-13…Ace has been fixed since he was 5 1/2 months old but he has his favorite pillow and blanket that he…well…”loves”~a lot!  Though during this activity a year ago he literally threw out his back, I’m not kidding.  I’ve taken his favorite pillow & blanket away but he manages to get my fuzzy robe if I leave it within reach…it’s obvious when he does get it because he’ll walk very gingerly!  Prior to me taking away his “friends” he would wait until we went to bed and had just gone to sleep, drag it to the foot of the bed and sing to it…drag it back in the living room and proceed with the “fun”!

He loves to sleep on the back of the couch behind my head…
Ace Spotlight
or in the wintertime he snuggles WAY down in his smooshy bed,…
Ace Spotlight
where he snores…very loudly!

My Ole Curmudgeon is a weird one…he doesn’t know if he’s human or dog, has some weird habits…but I love him anyway!

Seriously, I love reading about cats and their quirks.  LOL  That’s what makes them unique!  Thank you, Robin, for the wonderful info on Ace and participating in the Spotlight!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday!  Don’t forget to sign the Mister Linky and swing by the other WoW blogs!  🙂

3 Responses to “Spotlight On…”

  1. monnibo Says:

    I have never heard of a cat “loving” pillows like that!! That is disturbingly hilarious!! I also love that he thinks he’s a dog not a cat. Henry thinks he’s human I’m sure!

  2. Anita Says:

    He he! Mr. Ace has such character! 🙂

  3. CynicalKnittingGal Says:

    I love it! Hilarious.

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