Miss Muffin



Shelley is the newest member to Whiskers on Wednesday, and we got to talking about her new blog, Ragdoll Cat Mom. When I asked her about Muffin for the spotlight, Shelley was happy to share these lovely tidbits!


I only have one kitty–Muffin who is a Ragdoll. She is three years old. She was just two months old when she came to live with us [photo above].

Muffin is a sweet natured kitten who is truly our baby (as we don’t have any kids of our own) She enjoys being the center of our universe. She is incredibly spoiled!! She has a very soft voice (not really a meow–and does all sorts of chirps and vocalizations. I honestly never even heard her meow until we went to the vet for the first time!!) She acts very much like a puppy-follows me around the house, lays in my lap, runs when the doorbell rings (but then races up the stairs as soon as anyone actually enters the house!) She is bossy and demanding with us but very shy with strangers!!


She has a couple of places—for “cat naps”—anywhere that has a nice warm patch of sun and a comfy lap will work–at night, she likes to curl up on her Papa’s slippers (go figure) and then after we get settled down for the night, she jump up on the bed and sleep right in the crook of my arm—just like a little baby (and she has slept like that ever since she was big enough to get up on the bed—well..my huband built a makeshift ramp so she could get up on the bed–see how SPOILED she is?

Haha I did the same thing with Henry, Shelley! I used a large teddy bear and leaned it up against the bed to make a teddy-bear-ladder. But Henry was so determined to jump up by himself he would jump at the bed and claw his way up the side!!

She is extremely athletic and agile. She can actually flip ALL the way in the air like dogs do when the chase frisbees! Her favorite toy is Da Bird. She will chase that around forever if “Papa” will play with her!!

I think we need a video of that!! Get your butt over to YouTube, honey, and show us her agility!!

All in all, we love our Sweet little Muffin. She is spoiled and demanding but gives us lots of love in return. I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Awww… makes my heart melt. Now I’m totally convinced Henry is part ragdoll, his habits are very similar to Muffin in her human-attachment and vocalizing her needs.


3 Responses to “Miss Muffin”

  1. CTJen Says:

    she’s a cutie!!

  2. Cathy Says:

    Muffin is JUST beautiful! I’d love to have a ragdoll one day.

  3. Not-So Cynical Knitter Says:


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