Spotlight On….Jasmine!


Also known as Jazzy, Jaz, Princess Jasmine, Her Highness, and Fuzz Monster.  I love the last one!  Anita (Yarndemon’s Adventures) tells us a little bit more about her lovable Fuzz Monster….


She will be 9 years old this April.  She was approx. 7 weeks old when she came to live with us. My sister had a co-worker who’s cat had kittens… they needed homes & we needed a new baby. So Miss Jazzy made the 3.5 hr. ride to the coast at 7 weeks old to her new family. Her mom was a short haired orange tabby, and her father was a cream colored Persian.


Her favorite toys are the “fuzzies”, which are actually glittery pompoms. Barbara (CoffeeYarn) has nicknamed them “kitty crack”, and how true! She still loves her catnip toys, furry toys, her pillow, etc.,  but nothing, and I mean nothing comes close to those kitty crack fuzzies! She stock-piles them, chases them, hides them everywhere, meow’s at them, carries them around…. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a hundred or so of the things stashed around the house in odd places.


Her favorite sleeping place is under the comforter in our (her) bed. And she likes to sleep on her dad’s ballcaps, wherever he leaves them laying. She thinks that none of his hats should leave the house without Jazzy fur on them.  She also likes to lay on the coffee table to get in the way of his tv remote, he’s convinced that she does this on purpose just to drive him nuts. (He might be right!)  And every morning when I’m getting ready to leave the house for work she thinks it’s time to play. She will chase me around the house, meow at me, jump on the back of the sofa & run back & forth. I think she is trying to make me feel guilty for leaving her there.

She definately has cattitude. She is one of those that loves affection but you can’t pick her up to love on her, she has to come to you. I’ll pick her up only to have her meow at me & jump down, then 2 seconds later she will jump into my lap & demand to be petted. LOL Only on her terms! Princess really does fit her.


Thanks for all those wonderful pictures Anita!  🙂  Jasmine is definitely one beautiful kitty!


10 Responses to “Spotlight On….Jasmine!”

  1. chanknits Says:

    She’s so beautiful… and I know how much joy she brings to your house!

  2. CTJen Says:

    What a gorgeous kitty! 🙂

  3. Anita Says:

    Awwww, thanks guys! Jazzy & I are honored that you put her on the WoW site! 🙂

  4. StarSpry Says:

    She’s beautiful! My Charlie does the same thing with the “fuzzies”! We call them her babies since she carries them around and meows at them 😀

  5. AlisonH Says:

    What a gorgeous cat!

  6. Robin in VA Says:

    Jazzy…you are such a beauty!!!

  7. whitney Says:

    Gorgeous cat!

  8. Monica @ Monniblog Says:

    Gorgeous photos!

  9. KSee Says:

    Dad is not suppose to watch tv! He should be watching her and she does do it on purpose to drive him nuts. That is was Sissy told me to tell you all.

  10. Dawn Says:

    She’s a beauty for sure! 🙂

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