Spotlight on… Kiran & Kayla!



Kiran and Kayla (now 7 and 2 respectively) both came to live with Whitney and her husband at Knit Whit when they were just kittens… here is their story!


We rescued Kiran [pictured below] from the Humane Society. He was the tiniest kitten there. He could easily fit in the palm of my husband’s hand and he used to climb up my back and hide underneath my hair. He’s definitely grown a lot since then. We almost lost him to kidney failure when he was a 1 1/2 years old, but he made a full recovery. We have to watch what he eats, though.


Kayla was also a kitten when she came to live with us. My best friend found Kayla, her brother, and mom living in a garbage pile close to where they live. She took the three of them home and cared for them on her porch for a few months. Both kittens were sick and she nursed them back to health. [pictured below is Kayla and her brother the day they brought them home].


Kiran is very loving and cuddly to my husband and I, but he hates strangers. His favorite game is to jump on one of the kitchen chairs, hide behind the coats we have over the back of the chair, and jump up and get us when we walk by. Kayla tries to play with him, but he will have nothing of it. You can always tell when they are playing, because you can hear Kiran running through the house hissing.


Kayla is my little cuddle bug. She was really timid when we first brought her home, but she’s come out of her shell a lot, especially with me. She loves to sit on my lap when I’m knitting and play with my yarn and lay on my computer keyboard when I’m trying to type. She knows when I’m getting ready for bed and runs in the bedroom ahead of me eager for some loving and tummy rubs.


She loves to play with toys, but her favorite has always been this circular toy, with a ball that goes around the outside and a scratching pad in the middle. Also, Kayla knows her name, and if you say “KK,” She’ll let out a squeak and come running. And Kayla loves to watch my parrot. She’ll sit at the foot of his playgym, wait for him to drop a peanut shell, then take off with it until she loses it.


I would love to see Kayla running off with a peanut shell! That is so funny. Thank you so much Whitney for sharing Kiran & Kayla’s story… they certainly are gorgeous and adorable!

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2 Responses to “Spotlight on… Kiran & Kayla!”

  1. Madame Purl Says:

    Awww…. they are just adorable. I love the first picture of them in the box.

  2. crazy for yarn in alabama Says:

    What a great post!! How lucky they are ya’ll found them!!

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